What happens in counselling?

Many people who are considering counselling have concerns about whether it is right for them and whether their problems are somehow not appropriate for the attention of a counsellor. Often people worry about being able to explain themselves properly, or whether the counsellor will be shocked or unable to understand, or whether the counsellor will make a negative judgment of them.

But the counselling space is your space. The counsellor is there to help by working alongside you in an accepting, empathic and respectful way, however unique and individual your issues may be.

Counselling should offer you what you need. The way I work reflects this. This means I can offer short term or longer term counselling, usually on a weekly basis. We discuss how we can work together at an initial 40 minute session. Ongoing sessions are for 60 minutes.

I practice in Bristol from rooms in Trinity College off Stoke Hill, just west of the Clifton and Durdham Downs.