My background

My earlier professional life was in finance and business, a long way from the world of counselling. Later in my career a large part of my work became devoted to training, coaching and staff development. I had also been lecturing at a number of colleges and training venues and was active in the voluntary sector, teaching communication skills to the less privileged of inner city Bristol.

In 2003 I changed my job to work at mediating in financial disputes and also trained as a performance coach. These developments enabled me to work in areas that I was more naturally drawn to and brought me closer to those in real need.  It was a natural progression from here to counselling. During my counselling training I also worked to help the long-term unemployed overcome personal barriers to obtaining work.

I have been privileged to work with people with a wide range of issues, including low self-esteem, addictive behaviours, self-blame, past and current physical and sexual abuse, self-harming, generalised anxiety and depression, decision-making difficulties, spiritual conflicts, loss and bereavement, family and personal relationship difficulties/failures, and more generally handling life’s obligations, pressures and conflicts.