My counselling approach

My approach to counselling is essentially person-centred, but integrated with certain other schools of therapy and psycho-social Paul Todman, Counsellor in Bristoldevelopment, including life stage theory, attachment, inner child therapy, transactional analysis and the more enabling aspects of certain other counselling approaches.

At the heart of my approach is the belief that we all have a natural inner drive towards growth and wholeness, but that this can become obstructed by negative or traumatic experiences and patterns of thinking and behaviour that are not helpful to us.

The inner conflict arising from this obstructed growth can deeply affect our feelings and emotions; and our feelings and emotions represent our most fundamental level of experiencing – in other words, how we experience ourselves, other people and our environment.

Person-centred counselling provides anyone who is in discomfort, crisis or distress the space and caring necessary to keep them safe and to enable them to talk openly about how they are currently experiencing their lives.

The counselling environment offers unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance and valuing.  Out of this develops a confidential and trusting therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

The nature of this relationship will help enable you to explore your issues in safety, gain some understanding of any conflicts you are experiencing and bring you towards appreciating your true value as a human being.

Our issues are very individual to us and no two people’s problems are the same. Some of the difficulties I have worked with are described here under the heading of ‘My Background’.